I am a disabled veteran who lives on Social Security. I pay as much as $130 a month for electricity, and an increase in electric rates would be detrimental to me. I want to encourage Arizonans to vote against Prop 127, as it would cause energy costs to rise.

Higher electric costs would hurt many people in Arizona. If my electric bill were to increase substantially, I would have to turn off my heater. In fact, I’d have to cut back a little bit of everything. Many people would be in the same situation, especially senior citizens.

I have lived in Arizona for over 20 years and am a previous resident of California. The state of California is corrupt and bankrupt, in my opinion, and we should not be modeling any public policy after that state. California has had increased brownouts as a result of their energy policy, and we do not need that here in Arizona. Additionally, problems created by Prop 127 would likely fall on taxpayers to fix. The voters must say “no” to this disastrous ballot initiative.

Danny Washburn,


Republished from White Mountain Independent