What are rural residents and businesses saying about the potential impact Proposition 127 will have?

Research has shown that the initiative, which is funded by a California entity, will cause rates to jump 40 percent on average.

Elizabeth Holly, owner of Junction Express in Benson, stated “What are people on a fixed income going to do?”

Diana Gregory, who founded Gregory Outreach Services to help seniors said, “These fixed-income individuals will be forced to choose between medicine and food or paying higher utility bills.”

Ms. Holly feared, “I may have to cut my staff in half in order to take care of the electric bill”.

Amanda Berger, Manager of the Wilcox Historic Theater, echoed similar concerns.

“We are a non-profit, so to cover all the added expenses would be very difficult on our business…and possibly put us out of business.”

This initiative is dangerous to the financial stability of our rural businesses and to the economic strength of all Arizonans. Rural electric cooperatives figure the cost for their customers will likely increase between $45-$100 per month.

Dave Smith, Mayor of the Town of Taylor, stated, “Rural communities in particular would pay a steep price, as small utility companies and power plans in these areas would be forced to close under the weight of heavy-handed mandates – potentially leaving many rural Arizonans without jobs and electricity.”

Loss of jobs.

Drastically increased costs for electricity.

Funded by a California organization.

Prop 127 is misguided at best. Arizona does not need to adopt California policies that have led to California experiencing the greatest exodus of people from its state in history with lower income Californians being most likely to leave due to the high costs of living. We can’t let Arizona fall victim to these same policies that have made California nearly unlivable.

Vote no on California’s Proposition 127 and save Arizona from becoming more like California.

The Arizona Advocate