As a member of Navopache Electric Cooperative for nearly 40 years and an employee of the co-op for more than 30, I know how important local control of our cooperative is. The fourth cooperative principle which guides the NEC business model provides for “autonomy and independence,” which translates into local control. We make business decisions based on our members’ best interests and our local economic conditions, rather than being forced to comply with a mandate initiated by out-of-state interests.

Proposition 127, if passed, would change NEC forever from the member-driven cooperative approach to “a one size fits all” way of securing the power generation resources we need, without any consideration of the certain increased cost to consumers. This is not the way cooperatives serve their members.

Because of that, I am voting NO on Proposition 127. This initiative is being pushed by a California-based organization which is focused on generating profits rather than providing electric service to the members at the lowest cost. If passed, Proposition 127 would take away local control and limit our cooperative’s ability to decide what energy mix is right for our members. Proposition 127 will negatively impact the affordability of electricity as well as service reliability.

I urge everyone to reject implementation of the failed California energy policies in Arizona and to vote NO on Proposition 127.

Dennis Hughes,