Would Prop 127 impact public schools? Ron Tenney, superintendent of the Heber-Overgaard Unified School District told the Chamber Business News:

“Every school district operates on a pretty tight budget. When you’re going through your budget and you realize you’re going to have to spend thousands more on utilities, that equates to fewer dollars to provide teachers with decent salaries and provide supplies, and books and computers.”

Utility providers foresee a cost to public education that will approach nearly a billion dollars in lost revenue for education. Schools would see a loss of $20.4 million dollars a year for the next 42 years through lost property tax revenues. Power bill increases would approach $1 billion to all forms of public education in Arizona through 2030.

The state legislature recently passed a 20 percent pay increase for our state’s teachers. That 20 percent increase amounts to $680 million in funding for classrooms…$680 million that would be entirely wiped out by the cost of implementing prop 127.

Arizona has recently made great strides in funding public education. Don’t let a California organization with zero interest in our public schools wipe out recent advancements.

The Arizona Advocate