Arizona summers can scorch above 120 degrees and winters in the high country can chill to the bone. Having reliable energy in Arizona is not a luxury – it essential to our livelihood. Experts have weighed in on how Proposition 127 would impact our reliability.

The passage of Prop 127 could impact the reliability of 24/7 electric services because Arizonans will be forced to rely more heavily on sources of energy that are intermittent (after solar generation stops when the sun sets and when the wind stops blowing), creating a dangerous situation by disrupting power delivery. If a power supply is not readily available to continue essential delivery, services will be disrupted.

Matthew McKean, CEO of Frontier Applied Sciences, stated, “…Forcing in-mature expensive technologies upon our residents will have devastating consequences like it has in Europe, even causing deaths via brown-outs in July during extreme heat.”

Arizona can look across the border to California to see exactly what Prop 127 would do to Arizona’s reliability. California passed legislation that requires them to achieve 50 percent of their electricity from pre-defined renewable sources by 2030 – similar to Prop 127. What has occurred since has been devastating.

“Besides having the most expensive electricity west of the Mississippi River in the continental U.S., California already has the least reliable electricity. California easily leads the nation with nearly 470 power outages a year, compared to 160 for second place Texas.” – Forbes, Jude Clemente

Whatever the intentions of the California organization pushing Prop 127 are, the facts are frightening. Arizona seniors and families rely on their electricity to get them through the extreme temperatures in Arizona. An increase in power outages could be catastrophic to the health and livelihood of many.

President of Duncan Valley Electric Cooperative, Johnnie Frie, states, “At DVEC, we don’t mind solar complementing our energy use, but our members want our air conditioners and refrigerators to work all the time – not just when the sun is shining.”.

Electric utilities will continue to adopt and use more renewable sources of energy as it becomes economically feasible and reasonable to do so. Arbitrarily deciding that November 6, 2018 is the day to establish in our constitution the sources of energy that our utility providers must adhere to is a dangerous gamble with the reliability of our energy.

Mignonne Hollis of Sierra Vista says, “Let’s not follow California’s lead. Arizonans are fortunate to live in a state with affordable, reliable and clean energy. Vote NO on the initiative.”

The Arizona Advocate