To the editor:

I installed rooftop solar in August of 2009, and am a big supporter of renewable energy. Prop 127 provides a game plan for increasing the renewable energy program, which is a good thing.

However, this push should come from the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC), not through a proposition that becomes part of the rule of law and more difficult to change or revise. Renewable energy is a very dynamic program, and a mandated law cannot be changed or updated as quickly as an ACC program.

I believe the ACC works in the best interests of the public, and therefore should control and update the direction of renewable energy for Arizona. We all saw the publicity on how high electricity rates were going to go because of rooftop solar, and the ACC did their job by refining and controlling the various rate increases that ended up much lower than what the utility companies requested.

So, bottom line is that Prop 127 has some very good objectives, but these objectives should be set by the ACC and not by Prop 127. I want the ACC to monitor renewable energy programs going forward, so I plan to vote against Prop 127 and urge others to do likewise.

It is a good program, but should be set and monitored by the ACC, and not by Proposition 127.

Let the ACC determine what goals are required and suggest programs to achieve those goals.

Dennis Ehrenberger,

Sierra Vista