To the editor:

The original 1912 Arizona Constitution established the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC).

The commission is made up of five men and/or women whose decisions impact electric, natural gas and water rates for residential and commercial customers throughout this state.

Either by early October ballot or on Nov. 6, Arizona voters will choose whether to approve Proposition 127, a constitutional amendment that would mandate 50 percent renewable energies by the year 2030, or defeat the proposition by a majority of “no” votes.

I’ve had rooftop solar (distributed generation) for almost 10 years, and the system has already paid for itself. In other words, no net out-of-pocket cost remaining, and in fact, I have had positive payback for almost one year now.

Even so, I intend to vote “no” on Proposition 127. Why?

Because it should be the ACC establishing renewable energy policy — or even the Arizona Legislature! Arizona has one of the nation’s largest solar radiation incidences of any state.

The ACC has before it an 80 percent renewable mandate by 2050, which includes nuclear power, and was drafted by Commissioner Andy Tobin. All three renewables (wind, solar and nuclear) have virtually zero carbon footprints.

That’s another reason I prefer that the ACC exercise its constitutional authority and approve its 80 percent renewable proposal – not the voters approving Proposition 127 as a constitutional amendment.

Whatever readers do, be informed — and vote! Make your voices heard.

This is where we live.

David Grieshop,

Sierra Vista