California Dreamin’ is Arizona’s nightmare… why?

If Prop 127 passes, Arizonan’s would see their electric bills go up by 40%

Since an identical measure was instituted in California, their retail electric rates are now 47% higher than Arizona.

In order to comply with Prop 127, the Arizona Generation and Transmission Cooperatives would be required to spend $1.2 – $1.5 billion on new capital projects.

California, a state where a measure identical to Prop 127 has been instituted, is 50% more likely to have power outages

An over reliance on renewable energy can create a dangerous situation. On a cloudy day, when the sun sets and solar generation stops, service could be disrupted.

We cannot rely on battery storage, this technology is not yet proven and deployed at the scale that the grid will require.

Prop 127 would cause an average annual loss of nearly 13,000 jobs over the next four decades

Mandating a dramatic change in our energy portfolio would cause plant closures, should the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station close, which would cost 3,000 Arizona families their jobs.

$1 billion in less disposable personal income every year. People on fixed incomes and small businesses will be hit the hardest.

An average of $39 million in lost property taxes every year, of which $20 million will directly impact school districts.

A 40% increase in electric rates means that schools are not only hit with decreased revenues, but also increased costs.

  • Brought to you by a California organization.
  • Lowest quality of life, highest poverty, highest taxes, highest energy costs… etc.
  • Prop 127 would bring all this here…vote no on 127.


Arizona already produces the third largest amount of solar energy in America. Learn more about what is already happening in our state AND the truth behind the ballot question!


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Arizona’s electric cooperatives formed Grand Canyon State Electric Cooperative Association, Inc. in 1950. Their primary purpose was to create a nonprofit, nonpartisan group to give Arizona’s electric cooperatives a unified voice in state and national regulatory and legislative matters. Resource-pooling and cost-sharing by our members have combined to help make GCSECA a strong, efficient statewide organization. In addition to legislative programs, GCSECA also offers safety and loss control training, regulatory assistance, an annual education program, special project workshops, and a variety of communications tools to inform electric cooperative officials and electric cooperative consumers throughout Arizona.